TASS 20 questions with Vladimir Putin. Putin on the brain drain and Silicon Valley

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“Wherever the pay is better, that is where they go!”

In the latest episode, Andrei Vandenko spoke with Vladimir Putin about digital technologies and the brain drain. The President revealed whether he has a double and whether he uses a smartphone. Vladimir Putin put forward his solutions to stem the tide of the brain drain, and what the government can do to bring these specialists back to Russia.

Our special project “20 Questions with Vladimir Putin” consists of 20 episodes in which we asked the President important and very bold questions. This project is the first-ever of its kind not only for TASS, but also for the Russian segment of the Internet. The episodes will be uploaded from February 20 to March 26. Watch them on all TASS platforms!

In this episode:
00:05 — The most searched Putin-related topics on the Internet
00:49 — On Putin’s doubles
01:23 — Why does everybody dream about going off to Silicon Valley, and not Skolkovo?
02:15 — On the first way of attracting highly-qualified specialists to Russia
03:24 — On the second way of attracting highly-qualified specialists to Russia
04:11 — On the development of IT companies
04:45 — On specialists returning from abroad and cultivating the nation’s scientific field
05:36 —Putin’s take on innovations


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