TASS 20 questions with Vladimir Putin. Putin on civil society and foreign agents

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Why communicate with vocal members of society by slugging them with nightsticks? Why do we need a law on foreign agents? Why is Putin sticking up for the United States?

In this latest episode of “20 Questions with Vladimir Putin” the President explained how the non-systemic opposition influences society, what could upset the country’s balance and how to defend Russia’s domestic affairs from foreign meddling.

Our special project entitled “20 Questions with Vladimir Putin” consists of 20 episodes, in which we asked the President important and very bold questions. These episodes will be uploaded from February 20 to March 26. Watch them on all TASS platforms!

In this episode:

00:06 — On dialogue with activists
01:02 — On the opposition, revolutions and the law
02:48 — On public protests in Russia and abroad
03:32 — On penalties for unauthorized rallies
04:34 — On the foreign agent status
05:24 — On penalties against foreign agents in the US and in Russia
05:56 — On the purpose of the foreign agents law
06:54 — On the concept of domestic political activity


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