TASS 20 questions with Vladimir Putin. Putin on the memory of the Great Patriotic War, Stalin and Hitler

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‘Whosoever comes against us by with the sword, shall perish by the sword’

The Victory, 75 years on. What triggered the Great Patriotic War? What does Putin think about the so-called equal responsibility of Hitler and Stalin? In the latest episode the President reveals whether the participation of foreign guests in the Victory Day celebrations is important to him, what he sees as an insult to Ukrainians, and his take on history potentially repeating itself.

Our special project entitled “20 Questions with Vladimir Putin” consists of 20 episodes, in which we asked the President important and very bold questions. Watch them on all TASS platforms!

In this episode:

00:07 — The 75th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender. Who should be celebrating?

00:35 — Does anybody want to strip Russia of its victory?

00:59 — On the leaders’ relations with Nazi Germany

02:08 — Who is to blame for starting WWII

02:22 — Poland’s accusations and Russia’s stance

03:29 — Relations between Poland and Ukraine

04:07 — Putin’s take on such slogans as «We can repeat it», «To Berlin!» and «Thank you Grandpa for the victory»


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